The Fox Hunt, Classic Grand, 17th July.

Well, as threatened, this West Virginia band whipped up a storm on this, the last night of their tour. And yes, they played Plastic Jesus. The audience, some of whom had followed them over from their dates in Ireland lapped it up.
I’ve written a full review which will come up elsewhere but here are some pics of the gig.
The band going home

Coming to You: The Fox Hunt.

Another string band from the good ole USA, the Fox Hunt apply a youthful vigour to the tried and tested American mores as purveyed by the likes of The Wilders and The Black Crown String Band. Hailing from Virginia their latest album “Long Way To Go,” is chock-full of fiddles, banjo and mandolin.

With an eye on tradition but a contemporary style there’s no gloss on their songs. They’re earthy and full of grit, as real as you can get and if they sound anything like the album a must to see. They’re playing The Classic Grand on Saturday, 17th July, and to top it all, according to a recent review they do a version of Plastic Jesus, a great song that I’ve only heard on crackled old vinyl so to hear it live would be a blessing, so altogether now………. Jesus, Plastic Jesus, sitting on the dashboard of my car………………..
Hear them here, toe tappingly real and coming to Glasgow.