The Bacon Brothers. New Year’s Day.

Initial thought on receiving this was along the lines of “good God, another actor who thinks he can sing!” For indeed one of the Bacon Brothers is that Kevin (of six degrees game fame), star of many a Hollywood movie, some great, some not so. Digging into the history however it appears that this is not some one off vanity project but that The Bacon Brothers are a working band going back to the mid nineties and that Michael, the other brother, has composed for television winning an Emmy in the process.
So far so good then. Putting aside the Hollywood aspect, what does the album sound like and why is it being pushed now when it was originally released stateside in 2008. Second question first. This is their first album to be released in Europe with a whistle stop promo visit from the bothers in early May. There are also promises of a full tour to follow.
As for the music one is tempted to say, “don’t give up the day job” although primarily because one presumes it pays better. The album is actually pleasant in its weaker moments, radio oriented pop rock, the cod reggae of Bunch of Words being the primary example. But there are some songs that have a good grip of rhythm and blues (New Year’s Day, the opener) and on Go My Way they have a valiant and largely successful stab at a muscular blue eyed soul sound similar to the early efforts of Hall and Oates. Both brothers sing well and the band playing is impeccable. The stand out song is Architeuthis (a giant squid so Google tells me) with an interesting Irish melody woven in towards the end of it, one can’t imagine Bruce Willis attempting something like this.
Overall this isn’t an album I’d go out of my way to buy but it is far better than I expected it to be. If the brothers do tour it would be interesting to see how they measure up live.

Here are some songs from their Myspace page
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