Branden Barnett. Covers From Hell Project

Branden Barnett is the singer, guitarist and main writer in Ghostshirt, a Columbus, Ohio band who last year embarked on a project to record a song a week and offering them for free download. Some of the results can still be bought here. This project and the band were heartily supported by Post Card From Hell, an online community originally dedicated to the music of Uncle Tupelo, now an energetic group of folk, mostly American, who discuss music, food, beer (and music) and, importantly, support their favourite bands with an intensity that is sometimes frightening, they’ve even pitched in to help with the costs of repairing broken tour vans. Their relationship with Ghostshirt is such that the band played at a mini festival held at the home of one of the members of the Postcard group.
Having joined the email list Branden stated
“ I was trying to figure out a way to say thanks to all of you for supporting my band and my life the past couple of years and here is what I came up with. What songs would you all want to hear me cover? Come up with a list on here and I will pick ten or so, record them and release it for free.”
He was immediately inundated with suggestions and within a matter of days the first three songs have been recorded (he plays all the instruments) and posted for download.
Blabber’n’Smoke thought that this is a great example of musicians and fans interacting using the Internet and modern technology, demolishing some of the traditional barriers. With projects like Kickstarter fans have an opportunity to support musicians’ projects that goes beyond buying albums and attending gigs and this type of project can only help the artist gain more listeners and hopefully a bigger audience.
So kudos to Branden for his generosity in sharing some music. He’s OK with it being shared outwith Postcard. So have a listen and if you like it head to the Ghostshirt site and investigate them, a good band indeed.
The first three songs are
01 King of Carrot Flowers Part I (Neutral Milk Hotel)
02 Every Little Thing (Beatles)
03 When I Write the Book (Nick Lowe)
Available here, the link only lasts 6 days so grab it while you can. I’ll post the next links as they come up.