Blabber ‘n’ Smoke was first of all a song by Captain Beefheart. It also served as a title for a column in the great UK rock magazine ZigZag. I’ve purloined it here as it just about sums up what I do in my daily life, all I do is blabber ‘n’ smoke, blabber ‘n’ smoke etc etc. So, here, for your amusement is my blabber ‘n’ smoke.

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  1. Hi Paul I heard from Nico that your are now a FAR Reporter, welcome to our band of what I call “fellow obssesives”, Its good to have more Scottish In put, would you be interested in recieving Medicine Show cd’s I send out some from time to time usualy people who are coming round, I have Robby Hechts who is doing Celtic Connections again who you might be interested in, let me know I’ll send a wee medicine bag.

    Welcome on board
    Rob Ellen

    • Hey, Paul. I ran across your name by pure serendipity — someone else reviewing The Greenbeans on Amazon mentioned you. Fairly far out. I’m from Glesga too, born 1939, been a naturalized US citizen since 1964. MY own website on WordPress is called: johnmclaughlin4.wordpress.com — check me out some time, OK? Here’s to obsessions, blather and non-smokers….

  2. Hi Paul and greetings from DeSoto Rust!

    We can’t begin to thank you enough for the wonderful review of Highway Gothic. Beyond being simply happy that you dig the latest effort, we’re grateful for the “weight” your review carries. (We still use quotes from your review of our debut album in our press kit.)

    We’re heading to South by Southwest in a couple of months – a big step for us. And you’re right, we need to cross the ocean.

    So until then, thanks again.

    Peace and all the best for 2010.

    David Otwell and DeSoto Rust

  3. Hi Paul,

    Very nice blog you have here. I’ve been browsing around and think you might be interested in checking out my new CD.

    I’m an indie DIY songwriter from the NYC area and recently recorded my first studio CD in Nashville with the help of some amazingly talented people. It’s a roots rock project, but with an urban attitude. Dan Baird of Georgia Satellites fame played all of the guitars. It was mixed by Vance Powell, Grammy award winner for his work with The Raconteurs, and mastered by Richard Dodd, two time Grammy winner for Tom Petty and Delbert McClinton. It was produced by Tres Sasser who was Will Hoge’s bass player for many years before branching off into production work. You can listen to the entire album on my website at http://www.carlyjamison.com or MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/carlyjamison

    Please let me know if you choose to publish a review of the album as I am happy to promote your site on my website and social networking pages with links back.


  4. Hi Paul

    I’ve been tipped the wink to your site by Jeremy Searle. Would you be so kind as to e-mail me yr postal address, so that we might mail you a CD for review?

    Many thanks – Mr Plow

  5. Hi Paul

    I’m a regular follower of your excellent blog which keeps me connected with some great music around the place so I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch.

    Based in Scotland, I work with a singer/songwriter in an acoustic duo. We write and play our own material, so I thought to email you and give you some links to our music for your interest.

    We have some music at Soundcloud:-


    and on facebook:-


    and we have a studio demo on cd.

    We’re in the alt country, acoustic roots zone and I think the songs would engage with audiences who like that kind of music. We’ve worked hard to craft our own sound and think this would be of interest to folks who like the genres we touch on.

    I can’t anticipate what you’ll make of the music, but I hope you enjoy it and thanks again for sharing the blog.


    James W

    • Hi James, thanks for that. Listened to your songs on Soundcloud, thought that cry was the best one so far. Have you heard the Lost Brothers? Thought you had a touch of them in there. All the best with your work.

  6. Hey Paul! A friend of mine was reviewed by you a while back and he mentioned your site. I thought your review was excellent and thought i would send along my music, in the hopes you might fancy a listen. I’m an indie artist from Louisville, KY, currently living in LA, and I’ve just released my debut EP. Here’s some links! I hope you like what you hear! (And even if you don’t, an honest review is always appreciated!)

    To hear the whole thing: http://seangiddings.bandcamp.com/

    To find out more about me: http://www.seangiddings.com

    If you’re interested in a review at all, don’t hesitate to contact me and i’ll send along a physical copy. Cheers!


  7. Hi Paul,

    Happy New Year.

    I have an album that I’d like to get into your ears for possible review. Seed of a Pine is my debut collaboration with singer-songwriter Dave McGraw and includes guest contributions by two of my favorite musicians, Allison Russel of Po’Girl & JT Nero.

    Please let me know how I may get an album to you. I’m happy to send a physical copy or a digital link.

    Thank you.


  8. Thanks for the review and kind words Paul! Appreciate the coverage and hope to be back to your side of the pond again soon.

    Kelly Pardekooper

  9. would love to send you a copy of my new album “KIN” to check out. at has a slew of NC players on it. members of two dollar pistols, dex romweber duo, chatham county line, trailer bride, john howie jr & the rosewood bluff, patty hurst shifter, calico haunts, and my longtime band snatches of pink. if thats cool please let me know the best mailing address to do so. much thanks!! and all the very best……michael rank

  10. You want real gothic americana go git some “Slim Cessna’s Auto Club” featuring Munly (and check out Munly’s solo stuff too)

  11. Hello,
    I just wanted to say thank you very much for mentioning me in your Dan Stuart review!
    I really appreciate it.

  12. Why do Punk Rockers think they can play country music?

    Hi Blabber N Smoke!

    I am Doug Carrion ( yes from the Descendents and various other
    underground bands ) working on a new Alt-Country project called
    Doug C and the Blacklisted.

    I wanted to pass along a link, an introduction and say hello!


    Doug C and the Blacklisted play Alt-Country, roots music ( a bit of everything really ) Maybe Buck Owens and Dwight Yoakam driving in a car with the Mavericks going to see Old Crow Medicine Show and on their way they stop at a bar for a drink with Elvis and Ryan Adams.


  13. Mr. Kerr,
    Thanks for the fine review on Melody Walker and Jacob Groopman’s release, We Made it Home. I like it also, but I’m related 😉 I have several people I know from Glasgow, due to my work in power generation… Lots of folks from the legendary John Brown works. Cheers, and hope to make it to your fair city one day.
    B. Walker

  14. Hi ,

    I am writing from the Birmingham, UK- based band, Red Bird Sky, regarding the release of our new album, ‘The Unravelling’, which has been Produced by Nigel Stonier (Thea Gilmore, The Waterboys).

    Would it be OK for me to send you an invitation to the album on Dropbox so that you can check it out and will happily forward a CD for consideration to be reviewed on Blabber n Smoke, if that is preferable.

    Our website is at: http://www.redbirdsky.com

    Many thanks,

    Bernie Maguire
    Red Bird Sky

  15. Hi Paul… Dave Desmelik here. You reviewed my album Deep Down The Definition a few years ago and many thanks for that by the way. I have just released my ninth record, this one is titled We Don’t Want A Dying Flame, and I am messaging to inquire about submission guidelines for Blabber and Smoke review consideration. I have the new album up for full streaming at bandcamp http://davedesmelik.bandcamp.com/album/we-dont-want-a-dying-flame and I am happy to send you a hard copy and info as well. Thanks for your time and I hope you are well. Cheers!

  16. Hi Paul,
    It’s Pete from Ballad of Crows here, I’m about to release my debut solo album of Original Doric songs and Tunes inspired by NE Scotland’s history, language and culture. Do you only review music in the Americana genre or do you also review contemporary traditional music? I would love to submit my album for review.

  17. Hi Paul:

    John Jack here from Texas. Just released a debut Americana album and would love a review if you can fit me in. Here is a home brew video we did for one of the songs “Dave’s Beer”.


  18. Hi there!

    My name is Liv Waters and I am a country artist. I have a new single releasing December 7th. I want to make a change with this song. It’s called “When The Young Die” and is about all of these senseless acts of violence out of pure hate and it’s in the eyes of a victim. All proceeds of this song will go to helping all those effected in hate crimes, more specifically the Thousand Oaks tragedy that happened this past week in our backyards in California. I want to spread love, healing, and happiness with this single and I hope that you can help me do so. 

    Thank you.


    You can take a listen here:





  19. Love your blog. Will you do a review on “I’m Afraid of Her” or “Gotta Live Fast” by The Frost Duo?

    Gotta live fast:

    I’m Afraid of Her:

  20. Hello , releasing a record during a pandemic isnt the best time I suppose. So I’m reaching out to the media in Hope’s you’ll help get the word out because i think our crossover country sound needs to be heard.Since the release of our single “5 horses”(written about the very pandemic we find ourselves in) it has been #1 on Boston radio and reieved great reviews from Houston TX to Los Angeles.  Please consider reviewing our new record. Thanks


  21. hello paul, i’m not sure if i ever got around to personally thanking you for the nice review you posted of my last album a couple years back (https://paulkerr.wordpress.com/2019/02/21/reverend-screaming-fingers-music-for-driving-and-film-vol-iii/). I stumbled upon it again and wanted to say, it seems like you really have a good listen to the things you review, which in the days of nonstop submissions, must be a challenge. I, we all, appreciate it. cheers, lucio (aka rev screaming fingers).

  22. Hello, we have ânother album being mixed due out on the new year. Hêres our drop box link to our last record released recently. Also our EPK in which youll see Kristian and band have received amazing reviews and press from all over the world. We hope youll review “Prince of poverty” and if youd like a free t shirt and cd just send us a adress to send it too. Thanks, Lincoln Barbazol



  23. I hope this message finds you well. I love what you do here, and I’d be greatly interested to see what you think of my music, which goes by the name of Dog Army. I’m located in St. Mary’s City, Maryland, USA. I recorded and produced my debut album, titled “Questionable Motives,” throughout the pandemic using the resources available to me. The concept album is a (perhaps unexpected) balance of folk and alternative, with a strong focus on the narratives and symbols sprinkled throughout. I’d love it if you could find the time to give it a listen, and if you were feeling interested enough, perhaps even saying a word or two about it. Thank you for your time and consideration.
    The album overall: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_lN2TCC4YzRolldN8RLeMvnMAjEroSN6NQ

    Some songs to get you interested…?
    “Innocent Clarissa” : https://youtu.be/LUFVYUfB6Hs
    “The Color of Whiskey” : https://youtu.be/bHP8TQH1iV4
    “Chains of Nature” : https://youtu.be/JhTvlJLz2uI

    All of this can also be found on any streaming service or dogarmy.bandcamp.com.

    Thanks again.
    -Erik of Dog Army

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