Blue Rose Code release charity single today

Today sees the release of a new single and accompanying video from Blue Rose Code. The song, Thirteen Years, was written by Ross Wilson as a counterblast to the 13 years of austerity imposed on us by successive Tory governments and his anger is evident throughout with the song, while retaining Blue Rose Code’s essential Hibernian soul, finds the band in a much more confrontational mode. In particular, the song rails against the rising tide of child poverty and all proceeds from sales of the single will go to the Scottish charity Children 1st.

Ross Wilson aka Blue Rose Code says: “We live in the sixth richest economy in the world, yet roughly four million kids in the UK are going to bed hungry and to school with no lunch, while front line workers who risked their lives during the pandemic are using food banks and can’t afford to heat their homes. After 13 years of austerity in the UK, it felt right to highlight these shameful circumstances, and to encourage others to question this unacceptable situation.

“Children 1st do amazing work in providing support to Scottish children so it was only right all proceeds from the single go towards such a vital cause. I would also encourage anyone who is able to, to consider making a donation to the charity so they can continue to support wee ones and families who need it most.”



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