Best albums of 2020


List’s aren’t really our thing but as everyone else is doing them, here’s Blabber’n’Smoke’s favourite albums of 2020 or as many as we can recall right now. Most of these we’ve reviewed either here or for other sites or various magazines, dig around and you can find what we said about them. Anyhow, despite Corona, 2020 was a bumper year for recorded music but nor so much for musicians and all who depend upon and support their efforts. So, if anything below captures you fancy, please buy a copy.

Top ten

Zach Aaron. Fill Dirt Wanted

Victoria Bailey, Jesus Wine & Patsy Cline

Courtney Marie Andrews, Old Flowers

The Mavericks, En Espanol

Charlie Crockett, Welcome To Hard Times

Emily Barker, A Dark Murmuration Of Words

Swamp Dogg, Sorry You Couldn’t Make It

Blue Rose Code, With Healings Of The Deepest Kind

Jake Blount, Spider Tales

The Local Honeys, Sing The Gospel

Bubbling Under

Bob Dylan, Rough & Rowdy Ways

The Hanging Stars, A New Kind Of Sky

Mr. Alec Bowman, I Used To Be Sad & Then I Forgot

Emma Swift, Blonde On The Tracks

Dan Penn, Living On Mercy

Sam Doores, Sam Doores

Kathleen Edwards, Total Freedom

Jerry Joseph, Beautiful Madness

Our Man In The Fields, The Company Of Strangers

Chuck Prophet, The Land That Time Forgot

Karen Jonas. The Southwest Sky And Other Dreams


Bill Kirchen, The Proper Years, Proper Records

Dean Owens, The Man From Leith, Eel Pie Records

Bobbie Gentry, The Delta Sweete

And that’s a wrap folks. See you next year.


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