Daniel Meade. Bullets And Bones EP

500x500bbAlthough Glasgow’s Daniel Meade has recorded with the cream of Nashville, he’s no stranger to home recording so it’s somewhat apt that in these lockdown times he’s come out fighting. Bullets And Bones is a three-song release, download only and for a ridiculously low price, with Meade really playing to his strengths.

Break Me Down To Pieces is a glorious slice of honky tonk styled rockabilly with Meade’s piano setting the pace along with creamy guitar licks. With an insouciant swagger in his voice (while the multi tracked choruses sound for all the world like the Everly’s), Meade rocks and rolls here quite magnificently as the song vamps into an excellent guitar led outro. Bullets And Bones finds Meade transporting outlaw country to his Glaswegian domain, the prodigal son returning having failed to make it over there. Its sweaty country chunk delivery with whiplash guitar recalls Waylon Jennings back he was orn’ry and mean. Closer in style to his last full album release, Meade then offers up Through The Dirt, a pumping organ fuelled blast of peacock pop strutting. With echoes of The Beatles, Jeff Lynne and Elvis Costello coursing in its veins it seals the deal as Meade romps brilliantly through the song.


Available fromthe Itunes store





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