Top 10 albums of 2019


As everyone else is doing it, we thought we’d post our favourites from the past year. It’s not a definitive list (already been changed several times) but here we go…

Our Native Daughters, Songs Of Our Native Daughters

The Delines, The Imperial

Peter Bruntnell, King Of Madrid

Hayes Carll, What It Is

Colin Linden & Luther Dickinson, Amour

Anna Tivel, The Question

Ian Noe, Between The Country

Buddy & Julie Miller, Breakdown On 20th South Avenue

Norrie McCulloch, Compass

Felix Hatfield, Boundaries



There’s a wealth of bubbling under albums which have been greatly appreciated and listened to regularly but we’re not going to mention here. So have a search through the archives to see what else tickled our fancy in 2019. It was quite a good year and hopefully 2020 will be as fruitful.


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