Deer Tick. Mayonnaise. Partisan Records

a0764514041_16Mayonnaise is a bit of a pic’n’mix album from Rhode Island’s alt rockers, Deer Tick. It’s comprised of some alternate versions of songs released on 2017’s double disc offering, Deer Tick Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, six new numbers and a brace of cover songs they were prone to playing as they toured around the 2017 release. As on the two self-titled 2017 discs they switch from sensitive alt folk numbers to rockier affairs with ease which certainly adds variety to the album and posits it as a fine introduction to those not aware so far of the band.

On the covers, they wallop through The Pogues’ White City capturing perfectly Shane McGowan’s sneering vocals while giving The Velvet Underground’s Pale Blue Eyes a fine makeover delivering it as if a deadbeat Tim Hardin was fronting The Fugs. They also cover George Harrison on Run Of The Mill, which unfortunately just about lives up to its title. Their version of Ben  Vaughan’ Too Sensitive For This World  does stand out as it limps along wonderfully as a wounded, almost power pop, song with an neatly understated Alex Chilton feel to it.

And while they do rock out on the lurching Spirals and the poppy new wave Hey Yeah it’s that walking wounded sense which marks out the better of their own songs here. There’s a delicately rippled version of Limp Right Back and a ramshackled and loamy country rock ballad on Old Lady. Strange, Awful Feeling is a fractured anxiety ridden love song of sorts with wracked harmonies, End Of The World finds singer John McAuley offering some paranoid advice to a child and Memphis Chair is a late night lounge jazz instrumental which has some fine Twin Peaks vibes to it. They close the disc with a grand slice of pedal steel flavoured soft rock on Cocktail which sounds as if Jimmy Buffet was explaining a Margarita addiction to his local AA meeting.