Sunrise Highway. Windows. Kool Kat Musik.

Time again to appreciate the old theory of the cream rising to the top as skimming through the review CDs this unassuming disc almost immediately grabbed attention. I say almost immediately as the opening title song, while a thoroughly fine wisp of summer jangled pop didn’t prepare us for the shift into a heavier gear, a fuzz fuelled psychedelic haze with all the hallmarks of The Beatles circa Rain allied with latter day wizards such as Julian Cope on the following song Breathe. Five minutes of blissed out bliss. Next we’re in the retro world of The Fleshtones with the mighty garage pop swagger of Peter Pan, stomping power chords and deadpan vocals chiming together with an innocent sense of pomp and circumstance. Foreverland continues in this vein and by now the listener could be forgiven if they’re wondering if Sunrise Highway are a cloak and dagger covert operation of The BMX Bandits, Scotland’s finest purveyors of Beach Boys garage cool. However it transpires that Sunrise Highway are a New York bunch helmed by Marc Silvert who writes all of the songs here while he also sings and plays guitar and keyboards.

There are 14 songs here and with the exception of the aforementioned title song the album is a treasure trove of jangled guitar rock with hooks galore, glorious harmonies and just the right amount of freakbeat. There are moments here of sheer bliss that demand the volume be cranked up and the remote set to repeat with Call Waiting in particular crying out for attention. A sneered vocal whines away, frustrated and sick as the band crunch on laying down layers upon layers of guitar and harmonies building up before a key shift leads to a fractured climax. It’s a minor pop nirvana. While they don’t top this there’s plenty to enjoy in the remainder of the songs. Cinnamon Eyes is an off skelter guitar romp that threatens to teeter into Eastern scales but instead dances on the edge with guitars igniting like sparkplugs. Excellent!



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