Doug C and The Blacklisted

They say it pays to be friendly and after getting a friendly message from Calfornian Doug Carrion inviting Blabber’n’Smoke to have a listen to some of his songs we felt it was only right that we pass this on to our readers as they’re a mighty fine listen. Carrion lists Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Dwight Yoakum and The Blasters as influences and he’s laid down some songs with his band The Blacklisted that certainly have a Bakersfield sound to them although we would add Jason and The Scorchers to this list. There’s a swagger to some of the songs with Weekend Warrior packing a punch especially when a mighty guitar solo kicks in towards the end. The five songs are available to download and there’s mention of an album in the works which we look forward to hearing.
You can listen to and download Doug C and The Blacklisted here

Doug C’s Facebook page


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