The Breathing Room

The Breathing Room is essentially one man and a guitar (and Garage Band). Based in Dundee Mike Fullarton has played in several bands in the area over the years but has recently decided to go solo. Without a recording deal he’s released several pieces for public consumption via the web. It may be somewhat lo-fi although at times there’s layers of sound that sound as if he has a string section behind him but more importantly he has a clutch of songs that show him to be a fine writer and singer. Beginning with the McCartney like Just a Taste which quietly builds up a head of steam Fullarton could comfortably slot in with the likes of Vetiver. Stranger On The Road is another fine song and has a fuller sound with multitracked voices. It ripples along very nicely and when the string sounds come in grows a little in majesty. Fullarton almost drifts into Bon Iver territory with the metronomed tick tock of And Then At Last while Twisted Metal almost collapses under its own fragility, a song that could blow away in the wind but which showcases his writing and ability with a simple melody. Final song The Killing Time again recalls Bon Iver and is given a wonderful delivery with a bit of oomph in the percussion although its delicacy remains to the fore.
As we said The Breathing Room are unsigned but you can download these songs and others here.


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