Hi Tech Corner

Blabber’n’Smoke is relatively dinosaur like when it comes to listening to music. There has to be a disc, a piece of plastic that has to be inserted or placed on a machine that will convert its contents into music. That machine has to be made for playing music, a CD player or turntable (and then there’s lots of old cassettes lying around here also). We rarely listen to music on via computer and reviews that are sent as downloads are burned to disc prior to full listening. As musical primitives we’ve never gotten around to SACD and DVD-Audio so we were intrigued then when offered a Blu-ray album that promises a better sound quality than ever before. Problem is the need to hook up some speakers to a bblu-ray player or get one of those super duper woofer cinema sound things. However if the disc arives and we can play it we’ll report back. In the meantime here’s some info on these discs which come from Universal music.

High Fidelity Pure Audio is the exciting new range of physical HD audio products from Universal Music Group which uses Blu-ray technology to deliver the ultimate listening experience to the user. High Fidelity Pure Audio discs are playable through all Blu-ray devices including Blu-ray Players and games consoles, allowing the consumer to experience the sound as it was intended by the artist. No compression, no compromise. A download voucher is also included in-pack which gives the consumer a digital download of the album in MP3 format at a standard resolution ensuring they can also access their music on the move, on devices which don’t support HD audio.
Because of the increased size and bandwidth available on a Blu-ray Disc, music can be offered in its purest quality without the compression that is required for 16bit CD releases and lower resolution digital formats. Consumers have a choice of several different sound formats including PCM, Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio at 2.0 and 5.1 surround sound (where available).
Universal Music Group is committed to offering high quality audio to the discerning consumer and has selected a wide range of repertoire showcasing some of the most iconic talent the music world has ever seen. Artists with releases already on the format include Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley, Nirvana, Queen, The Rolling Stones and Stevie Wonder. There is also a vast selection of classical and jazz music including Jonas Kaufmann, Rolando Villazón, John Coltrane and Oscar Peterson.


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