The Thanes. She’s Coming Back To Me / Love Is Fading Away. State Records 7″ vinyl

Always crackling away in the background us Scots seem to have an abiding love affair for grungy sixties/seventies sounding garage rock. So we thought it appropriate to alert folk to a forthcoming single (remember them) release from Edinburgh’s The Thanes. With a decidedly retro sound but a bang up to date kick the two songs leap from the speakers with a feral force.
She’s Coming Back To Me is penned by The Thanes main man, Angus McPake and it’s an absolute corker. Fuzz guitar, Eastern scales, snarled vocals and a psychedelic mini freak out in the middle eight all add up to a song that would have you scouring Nuggets and Pebbles albums to find out who did the original if you heard it on the radio. Love Is Fading Away on the flip side is an old song by Glasgow’s very own psychedelic hipsters The Poets and it’s a delicious mesh of jangling guitars with a Gene Clark feel to it. Winsome and all too short it’s like a time tube to the 5th dimension where caped Byrds hover.
Have a listen to She’s Coming Back To Me below and if you tune into Sunny Govan’s Switchback tomorrow night you’ll hear me playing Love Is Fading Away.

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