The Abramson Singers. Late Riser.

The Abramson Singers, a collection of various Vancouver musicians fronted by the gloriously gifted voice(s) of Leah Abramson deliver here an almost perfect confection of expertly crafted songs that ring out clear as a bell with Abramson’s crystal delivery supported by some excellent arrangements and empathetic playing. It’s an album that offers some striking folk tinged songs cosseted by wafts of accordion and pipe organ and then flies into the stratosphere of sunshine pop harmonies with chiming guitars and sixties styled keyboard accompaniment. Above all else it’s a celebration of the art of the singer with Abramson multitracked at times and at others supported by some well chosen harmony singers.

A tantalisingly short instrumental, Factory Reprise raises the curtain before the acapella Liftoff Canon features Abramson’s kaleidoscopic multitracked vocals set over a male voiced backing sounding for all the world like the vocoded part of Laurie Anderson’s Oh Superman. The fresh faced Jack Of Diamonds follows, a jetliner of a song as it soars boosted by some gutsy guitar fills as Abramson proves that she can out do Kathleen Edwards in the shiny pop song stakes. She repeats this on Lose-Lose where Tyson Naylor’s throbbing keyboards add a layer of mild psychedelia reminiscent of seventies psych folk. And folk music is at the heart of the album as Abramson delivers some lovely laidback reveries that recall the likes of Shelagh McDonald or even on occasion the weird world of Judy Henske and Jerry Yester’s Farewell Aldebaran. Finally Abramson delivers the stunning Drowning Man which marries the traditional method with the laid back organ fuelled groove of The Band which again recalls the heady days of the seventies when John and Beverly Martyn recorded with Garth Hudson and his buddies.



One thought on “The Abramson Singers. Late Riser.

  1. Nice one, Paul. Leah will be touring over here with two of her closest musical companions – Rayna Gellert (on whose albums she has appeared) and Patrick Metzger (bouble bass and guitar) who is a member of The Abramson Singers, in March next year. The tour kicks off in England and Wales and ends up (six dates) in Scotland.

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