The Danberrys

The first thing to strike one about this Tennessee quintet is the source of their name. Led by married couple Dorothy Daniel and Ben DeBerry they amalgamated their surnames to baptise the band. The second and more important note is how good they are. The opening song of this album, Here We Go Round would stand proud on a Cowboy Junkies album with Daniel’s voice as strong and sultry as Margo Timmins. Stately and impressive Here We Go Round has sinewy mandolin and Dobro buttressed by a sombre fiddle and immediately the ears perk up. Rain In The Rock which follows is a fast flowing intricate acoustic romp which has muscle aplenty from the strong vocals to the short acoustic guitar breaks. Third song in and DeBerry takes over vocal duties with Blow On Wind, a classic song in the making which has a chorus to rival that of Old Crow Medicine Show’s signature Wagon Wheel.
An impressive introduction to the album these three songs are as good as any we’ve heard this year. Daniel and DeBerry along with Ethan Ballinger (mandolin, guitar), Christian Sedelmyer (fiddle) and Jon Cavendish (bass) are slick and tight with a fine ensemble sound while Daniel and DeBerry are fine songwriters. There are several other gems to be heard over and above the opening salvo. Over and Over with DeBerry on vocals is a fine dreamlike concoction that reminds one of David Crosby while Annie Wants To Go Home revisits Cowboy Junkie territory with a powerful vocal performance from Daniel.

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