Rose’s Pawn Shop. Dancing On The Gallows

Touring over here soon Rose’s Pawn Shop are a vibrant bunch who play with a kick in their step with their banjos and fiddles well to the fore. Based in Los Angeles they seem to have a reputation there as a good time party band be it playing in theatres or busking on the streets. There definitely is a Celtic swing to some of their songs which as we all know makes for good time listening. Dancing On the Gallows is their second release and was released in the States back in 2010 however it’s getting a push on the back of their UK tour.
Opening with the almost Irish strains of the title song there’s a rollicking good time feel with lashings of banjo and some great harmonies and they continue in this vein with the fiddle and guitar duet on Danger Behind The Wheel. The Bed in Which You Lie adds some rhythm section oomph and beefs up the guitar giving the song a fine honky tonkin’ truck stop vibe while Pine Box reins in the band’s more extravagant flourishes and contents itself with being a very fine medium paced ballad. The highlight here, Pine Box flows like all good Americana songs should as if one was driving on an endless highway and there are some fine guitar flourishes that are reminiscent of the Allmans’ back in their heyday. Almost as good is the following Box Of Flames which pummels along like a runaway train before reaching an exciting guitar driven climax. If they can achieve this level of intensity live then I’d venture they are a sure bet to go and see.
Tour dates are here with two Scottish gigs including an Edinburgh date at Bannermans Bar on Monday March 4th where they will be supported by those fine friends of Blabber’n’Smoke, Old Dollar Bill


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