Klak Tik single release, Reborn.

Klak Tik is the brainchild of Danish musician Søren Bonke. Based in London, Bonke and fellow band members Matthew Mitchieson and Jonathan Beyer released their debut album, We Must Find A Winner in 2010 to some fine reviews. Compared to the likes of Sufjan Stevens and Grizzly Bear they could be neatly filed under dreamlike orchestral folk music, much beloved of telly advertisers these days.
For their forthcoming second album they did the time honoured thing of getting it together in the country, in this case heading off to Penrhos, Wales where they even ventured into an abandoned copper mine in order to record some vocals in the reverberating cavern. The results will be available when the album, The Servants (named after the sixties band Bonke’s father played in) is released early next year. As a taster the single Reborn comes out on November 26th. Its pastoral lyrics are driven by a thumping rhythm while a mournful brass section tugs at its sleeve.
You can read about Bonke’s sojourn in Wales here


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