Anna Coogan & Daniele Fiaschi. The Nowhere, Rome Sessions

We mentioned Anna Coogan on Blabber’n’Smoke last year noting that her salt water infused album of songs inspired by the sea, The Wasted Ocean was a bit of a delight. This follow up is a bit of a side step for her recorded as it was in two days with Italian guitarist Daniele Fiaschi with whom she’s been touring over the past year or so. Despite their lack of a common language the pair gelled well together and decided to see if they could cut it in the studio. With Coogan on vocals and acoustic guitar and Fiaschi providing electric and acoustic guitars the result is this fine set of songs which is warm and intimate, perfect for late night listening. Revisiting songs from her two previous albums the stripped down arrangements allow Coogan’s voice to shine while Ffiaschi fashions some fine sonic soundscapes with his strings. A marine biologist by trade Coogan can’t seem to escape the sea with one of the cover songs here, a version of Gordon Lightfoot’s The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald sounding haunted and forlorn with squalls of guitar echoing wind and waves. Streamers, from The Wasted Ocean is given a particularly delicate delivery with Coogan singing like an angel as the guitars caress her voice, a beautiful moment on an album that in its hushed moments recalls the vibe of The Cowboy Junkies sepulchral Trinity Session. A live version of Phil Ochs’ The Crucifixion ends the album allowing the listener a glimpse into the chemistry the pair enjoy on stage. As on her studio version on The Wasted Ocean Coogan sings this song with a passion while Fiaschi’s guitars ensure that the studio band arrangement is not missed.
Coogan and Fiaschi are touring the UK in September and October with dates in Glasgow and Falkirk.



2 thoughts on “Anna Coogan & Daniele Fiaschi. The Nowhere, Rome Sessions

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