Penny Jo Pullus. Through The Glass

A respected Austin, Texas singer, Penny Jo Pullus opens a window here to some of her favourites on an album that comprises eight cover songs from a total of 11. Backed by a stellar cast of Austin musicians the primary feel here is of a southern soul and rock groove with guttural guitar, sweet organ and occasional fiddle. Covering the likes of Neil Young, Doug Sahm and Mac Rebbenack and accompanied by the aforementioned stellar line up of Austin musicians including Ian McLagen, Will Sexton and Jimmy LaFave, Pullus sings her heart out in a very attractive manner. While most of the attention might go to the covers including a great version of Give Back The Keys To My Heart and a muscular rendition of Look Out For My Love her own songs hold their own in this exalted company. Nowhere To Go is a tough slice of a tough life with some fine guitar while Baby Please stands out with its masterful mix of guitar and fiddle and southern soul on a heart rending hard luck story that is simply magnificent. Rounding off the album with fiesty versions of Son Of A Preacher Man and the Stones’ Dead Flowers this is cracking little listen. Pullus comes across as someone who would be fabulous to see in person. As it is her personality crackles across these songs.


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