Oholics. Orbits.

Glasgow Americana and Swedish psychedelia might make for strange bedfellows but Blabber’n’Smoke is a broad church and has been a fan of the Oholics since hearing their first album a few years ago. While it had a whiff of the early Floyd and the Thirteenth Floor Elevators in its grooves this new episode cranks up the guitars to give it a harder sound that is reminiscent of Primal Scream at times particularly on the opening Transfer Orbit. While the space rock side is amply covered in Suzy Banyon Blues and Astara City the band visit Rain Parade territory with the thumping and spectral swoon that is Out of Track, a superb song with ringing guitar chiming throughout. Hambone W. N. is a rabble rousing garage surf punk rifferama while closing freak out Out of Nothing could sit proudly on the soundtrack of the movie Repo Man with its soaring guitar lines and otherworldly voices. An unlisted song at the very end, Great Hero Boys is another garage rocker with scrambled guitar and a punk sneer in Chtistoffer Rydestahl’s vocals.
Despite these laudable and successful stabs at incorporating a more traditional rock feel to their sound the band are at their best when they lock into a hypnotic groove and this is best heard on the stand out song here. Moonraker, released as a single, has a pummelling beat and sonic guitar wizardry which recalls Hawkwind in their heyday. With an exotic Eastern underlay it jangles the neurons in the listener’s brain. Add to this the ferocious rush that is Snowflakes and the jangled trippiness of The Truth and you have one excellent album.


Transfer Orbit

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