Larkin Poe : Fall/Winter

The curiously named Larkin Poe were formed when the Lovell Sisters, a bluegrass based trio lost a member (who married and stepped away from the spotlight). The remaining pair, Rebecca and Megan regrouped, the band taking on the name of their great great great grandfather. With a rhythm section in tow their first endeavour has been a series of seasonal themed mini albums, the first pair, Spring and Summer released last year. Fall and Winter complete the set and are released just in time for their first UK tour.
With the sisters accompanied on both sets by Mike seal (guitar, piano), Daniel Kimbro (bass, banjo, baritone guitar) and Chad Melton (drums, percussion) there is precious little country picking on show here. Indeed, despite the fine Dobro and lap steel of Megan these songs are firmly set in a soft rock, almost Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks milieu. At times this is successful, Memories the opening song on the Fall disc is a fine country rock workout while Fall From The Tree is an atmospheric AOR guitar dominated swoon.
The Winter disc wins out here although much of it continues in the same vein as the Fall album. Desert Dream, the opening song here showcases the sisters’ fine voices in a chilling setting (in keeping with the seasonal device) while Tree Like a Bird makes full use of the acoustic instruments, something many of the other songs neglect.
While the sisters are no doubt fine singers there is too much clutter on show here. It would be interesting to hear these songs unadorned and skeletal. Perhaps on their forthcoming tour they will shine with an opportunity to find out when they play The Ferry on Thursday 7th April.


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