Adam Klein “Wounded Electric Youth”

Based in Athens. Georgia, Adam Klein’s last album Western Tales and Trails was well received with comparisons made to story tellers such as Townes Van Zandt. Here he moves away from a singer songwriter base into the direction of well crafted and sweet forays in a country pop idiom that should have radio programmers salivating at the bit.
The infectious Driftin’ and To Be a Loner which open the album are both hook laden songs that are country in origin but swing along with the joyful abandon that Van Morrison employed on Brown Eyed Girl. Adding to the playlist friendly sound are two songs that use horns to punchy effect. Anna (You Were Supposed to be Mine) and Griffin’s Song are buttressed by the horns with the latter sounding like a mix of The Beatles and Clem Snide.
Klein’s voice is tender and frail at times and does sound a bit like Eef Barzaley but this adds to the world weary romantic feel that several of the songs promote with Call My Name being the best example. Elsewhere Klein delves into a more traditional sound on the country swagger that is Wayward Son with lashings of fiddle and pedal steel on a song that Jason and The Scorchers would be proud to deliver. Of Pirates and Vagabonds takes us back to the sound of his earlier albums. A lengthy narrative delivered in a starker style than the rest of the album with fiddle and mandolin backing this dark tale of maritime ne’er do wells, chilling and thrilling as it builds to a climax.
Overall an excellent album.


Wayword Son


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