Tensheds Crazy Beautiful.

They say you can’t judge a book by the cover. Likewise this album. Tensheds (aka Matt Millership) is pictured on the sleeve looking like some Bowie clone from the early seventies and his publicity sheet has him resembling the boa feathered Eno from back in the Roxy Music days. So all in all one was expecting a glam rock rehash full of synths and retro seventies riffs. Instead there was an album that owes more to the early balladry of Tom Waits and at times a touch of a country jaunt
Opening with Go Out On the Weekend Tensheds’ debt to Waits is obvious and even more so on Angel of London where he sings lustily over swirling organ and some great horns. Vocally Tensheds has an attractive husky delivery that works as well in a delicate ballad such as Stains as on the uptempo City of Dreams which is reminiscent of Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance with its saloon bar piano.
While the majority of the songs are piano based there are a couple of songs where acoustic guitar is prominent. Of these Flying Cars (with a lyrical nod to Life on Mars, so the Bowie look might not be so coincidental) is an excellent embittered tale of regret rendered from a cheap hotel room. The closing song, Paradise, with atmospheric guitar and percussion that does recall some of Eno’s ambient music is eerily beautiful, a song about death and memory.
The album was released on November 1st and Tensheds is currently touring.

City of Dreams


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