Wade Lashley. Someone Take The Wheel.

How nice to receive a package from Flagstaff, Arizona. Seems silly perhaps but some names are really evocative of the music that dives little blogs like this. Like 50’s teenagers in a fleapit cinema, the cinematic portrait of wide open American spaces tugging at their own grey reality, rain swept Americana fans stuck in dreary old Glasgow have a yearning for places like Flagstaff, Winslow and Barstow. Vicarious, I’m sure, but there’s a little bit inside all of us who dream of driving down that fabled highway and stopping off to hear that definitive band. Not one of the big name bands but a truly authentic American bar band who can thrill and delight with tales of the road and the fabled American dream.
Wade Ashley might not be in the going to win many awards for his writing, singing and playing but if you crank this up with a few beers by your side it’s difficult to imagine a better travelling companion when you’re on the road. Full blooded country rock with lashings of guitar and heart-warming organ, Lashley sings and writes with the attitude of country outlaws from the past, Waylon Jennings in particular comes to mind.
The opening song “Turn around Southbound” is a terrific start, cards on the table, muscular, take no prisoners. The jalop that is “Coffee, Tea or Whiskey” soars along while “Someone Take the Wheel” is like a movie, wide screen and deadly. The keyboard/guitar interplay here is exhilarating and at times achieves the hights reached by The Band all those years ago. Allowing you to catch your breath there are songs like “Waiting on the Rain” with majestic piano playing which evokes another blast from the past in the shape of the Allman Brothers. By this point Lashley is in full command, his singing in particular and he pounds this home with a spectacular song “I Won’t Let You Down” which sounds almost like an outtake from Derek and the Dominoes.
All in all it’s unlikely that this crew will appear at your local tavern but if you fancy a night imagining you’re tooling down route 66 then this might well be the perfect soundtrack.
Wade’s webite is here
and here’s a taste, I Won't Let You Down


3 thoughts on “Wade Lashley. Someone Take The Wheel.

  1. “Tooling” – good word.

    You’ve captured the evocative experience that is in fact driving on then great big American highways. Done them a few times.

    No better way to find the true America, and authentic Americana bands.

    All power to you my friend.

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