Daniel Hertzov, Believing.

Denizens of Glasgow’s acoustic music scene will probably know of Daniel Hertzov, a Russian born, USA raised citizen of this fair city. Now there’s an opportunity to take him home after a gig with the release of this, his debut album. Fairly divided between acoustic songs and band based rockers, the former are the more successful with some of the latter approaching typical bar band boogie status (Savior, for example). However there are moments when Hertzov, backed with full band and a most impressive Hammond organ does capture a fairly glorious sound such as in “Mosaic.”
The acoustic based songs are a different matter with Hertzov capturing elements of early seventies singer songwriters. Cat Stevens comes to mind on the opening, title track while on “6 years,” a simple acoustic guitar and vocal delivery is similar to the style of Andy Roberts of the late lamented Liverpool Scene and Plainsong. Romantic, melodic and well delivered it is one of the highlights here. “Shelter “skelps along with mandolin predominating adding a folksy swing to the album. Finally “Trust the River” bridges the two styles, a piano ballad which flows like the titular waterway, this is a fine song which could be on any number of accomplished albums from the mid seventies, again with some fine Hammond organ there is a touch of classic Traffic here.
A trip to his excellent website is highly recommended, not only to buy the album but to see his whimsical musings.
6 Years

2 thoughts on “Daniel Hertzov, Believing.

  1. Hi,

    I’m happy to see a good review for an album that deserves it.
    I happen to know the artist and he is just as good live.
    I think it’s great that the Glasgow music scene benefits from people like that.
    Reviews like this I’m sure can bring more people to the audience, if the name of the artist is spelled correctly…

    Please do make sure to correct it, if you can.

    Best regards,

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