Jason and the Scorchers. Thursday 6th May. ABC.

A medley of mishaps involving public transport and a citizen’s duty to cross out a politician conspired to prevent me seeing the opening act The Wynntown Marshals who were promoting their fine new album. A poor start but after this things could only get better. And so they did. A rejuvenated Scorchers had the house jumping with a fine set that gave full space to their new album, Halcyon Days but also found room to slip in several of their old crowd pleasers. Guitarist Warner E Hodges, looking like a wild haired version of Robert Downey Jnr. was on fine form. Slinging his guitar with abandon and towards the end swirling like a dervish he mugged with glee at the front rows of the audience and appeared to be having a fine time. Front man Jason Ringenberg howled and flayed like a man possessed while between songs he regaled us with tales of songwriting partners and the genesis of some of the new songs. While these appear to be still bedding in (with Jason reading lyrics from a sheet) overall the best of them sound as if they could have been in the Scorchers’ repertoire forever. There was a great atmospheric reading of Twang Town Blues and numbers such as Moonshine Guy, Mona Lee and Days of Wine and Roses fit right in to the Scorchers’ tradition. A great Ramones type bash through We’ve Got It Going On and a scorching (had to do it) rendition of Better than This from Hodges totally fired up the audience. However it was the fan’s favourite Broken Whiskey Glass that drew the most cheers and some incredible audience participation while White Lies closed the show all too soon.


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