The Lost Brothers/Doghouse Roses

The Lost Brothers

Popped into the Universal Bar last night for a great pair of sets from this great pair of duos. A meagre yet eager bunch of folk turned up and one wonders why there aren’t bigger audiences for these bijoux type gigs that happen all over Glasgow and its environs. Sure, It’s great to see a name band at the O2 or The Barrowlands but to sit in a room with 40 -50 folk and meet the artist after can’t be beat.
Anyway, This was a fine night. Doghouse Roses are much more earthy than their album suggests, lots more of the Bert Jansch/Pentangle influence evident. Paul Tasker’s guitar is a joy, close your eyes and you’re in Les Cousins in the mid sixties.
The Lost Brothers are today’s Simon and Garfunkel. Great harmonies and brilliant songs. I was able to get a vinyl copy of their album at the merch desk and listening to it right now, especially City of the Rose, would recommend it heartily.


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